Throwie Pillow introduces a brand-new medium for graffiti art, designed by the world’s most iconic graffiti and street artists.

Throwie Pillow produces Limited Edition 3D art pillows from the most prolific graffiti & street artists on the planet.
Our mission is to highlight the sublime but often misunderstood art of graffiti by giving both the casual fan and enthusiast an intimate conversation piece for display at home, the office or anywhere.

Throwie Pillow is professionally handcrafted sourcing only top-quality materials – right here in the USA.

We are proud of our product
We’re proud of the effort and detail that we have invested in the sculpting of our product – and it shows in the quality of everything we do. That is Throwie Pillow’s promise - to demonstrate our love and respect for the Throwie and the culture of graffiti art - by elevating it.

There is a reason there has never been a pillow quite like this before – it takes hard work. It was from our love for the Throwie and art form that we invested in the R&D required to innovate such a unique product.

This is no ordinary SQUARE pillow – it’s a Throwie Pillow.

Taking the art off the wall & into your hands.
The pillows are soft but the stories are HARD.
We at Throwie Pillow® are truly humbled for all the interest and blessed for the opportunity to work with such a dope line up of Graffiti Legends, many of which are our childhood heroes. All of whom we have tremendous respect for the work they have put in. Graffiti tends to be a full contact sport. 

Throwie Pillow shows respect to the true pioneers who put in blood, sweat and tears for the art form of graffiti.

Throwie Pillow pledges to tell the story as well as represent the myth of these larger-than-life figures - from the perspective of the artist - as accurately as possible. Documenting graffiti history and educating the public on pioneering artists is a huge part of our mission.