Andre Charles is not just an icon in the graffiti world, but his varied work in hip hop culture in general has cemented his legendary status overall. From creating and making the 'Famous Baby' famous, to incredible memorial murals, to his live art at parties city-wide and his own store and brand, Andre Charles has contributed to our culture more than most.
Born in Brooklyn but raised in the Bronx, Andre turned an early run in tagging into 'The Zone,' a place for youth taggers and otherwise to congregate and connect - something Andre would continue to facilitate for the next few decades - even now, Andre is working with the Children's Village, a sort of halfway house for youth - a place where he found himself early in life, that helped him develop his hand skills, and helped him to grow into a self reliant individual, something that Andre has strived to help others do ever since. In those earlier years, Andre developed his personal style, tagging and throwing up all over the city, as well as working on bombing more than just his name.

He also customized clothing like shoes and t-shirts for himself and friends, and quickly turned that into a lucrative side hustle, in addition to the hotly in demand murals and art pieces he created. Most people instantly recognize the Famous Baby aka Baby Brandon, as he's been featured on walls, pop art, and merchandise for decades. Many have also seen and/or purchased an item with Andre's iconic 'NYC' piece. Taking the artform of graffiti to new levels, Andre has been commissioned to create a youth oriented voter program by Bill Clinton, started doing live art at the famous Red Zone parties in the 90s, helped to set up and maintain more spaces for youth to assemble, and later, linked up with fashion icons Lauren Hutton and Donna Karan. The man has worked with and around Keith Haring, Seinfeld, and so many more - this is definitely an incomplete resume, as Andre Charles has forwarded graffiti and hip hop culture for decades - in fact, Andre is still active today, working with fellow artists to help them protect and preserve their copyright. Andre's work appearing unlicensed on bootleg merchandise, as mentioned earlier, is a growing issue that Andre is working to change - ensuring his and other artists' copyright for their work, regardless of the format. For many years, the Baby Brandon iconography has appeared on party flyers, as well as shirts and much more, and the NYC throwie itself has been seen on no small amount of items. Now, Throwie Pillow has the licensed, official Boss Baby for sale now. You can be the first to own a real piece of hip hop and graffiti history!

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